House Renovation

We are enjoying staying in a brand new house; the warmth is what we particularly notice. Our house is being painted. The painters are there at the moment; colours chosen, wallpapers for the bathrooms, new carpet ordered and the kitchen ready in a couple of weeks. Also a new log burner. So we might be back home in a month?


We’re moving to Rangiora while our house is painted and new kitchen put in.

Spring Cleaning

We’re moving out of our house temporarily  so it can be painted, and have  new flooring and new kitchen. In the next school holidays we’ll be moving to Rangiora to a brand new house that Peter built.  Not big enough for a permanant place  but will be very nice for a couple of months. So in the meantime  I’ve started  sorting. I’ve moved most of the books/games from the school room to the outside spare room which is big enough to house lots of things. Rebekahs also started by emptying her wardrobe of Barbie and Sylvanian toys! The garage will also be used to store things as we’ll only take whats necessary. I’ve had to buy curtains for the new house; I got some in the recent Warehouse curtain sale plus some nice silver venetians from Mitre 10 (unfortunately not on sale) but they have to be cut to size  and that means me cutting each individual blind so I have bought a blind cutter rather than pay $35 a side to have it professionally done. Which would  make it more than the cost of each blind!